A manicure will help the skin exfoliate while also keep them looking great and is the most popular beauty service we offer. Our hands and feet are essential to completing most tasks of everyday life.

When you give a presentation, have a date, or you have a big party and you want to pick a nail color to match your outfit then keeping your nails clean and presentable should be a high priority. Not only will they be attractive but will look and feel healthy. At Petite Nails Spa, we’ll make those nails shiny, pretty, and strong.

Come and relax and get a professional pedicure with us. Imagine sitting and relaxing in our day spa chair as your feet get exfoliated and pampered - talk about ultimate relaxation. Clients usually get a manicure and a pedi done at the same time for the best pampering experience.

If you’re looking for high-quality nail services such as a manicure then visit our nail salon at Petite Nails Spa in Camas, WA. We offer several beauty treatments such as facials and waxing, so we are the one stop to get all your beauty treatments!